Horizon 2020 – Abstract

Ključne besede: Horizon 2020, SME Instrument – Phase 1, Artificial Intelligence as a New Interface for Business Applications Usage, new high-tech product, virtual business partner, perform tasks within ERP software.
Vir: Horizon 2020, SME Instrument – Phase 1
Avtor: Boštjan Berčič
Datum: 06 2014

Horizon 2020

SME Instrument – Phase 1
Title of Proposal
Artificial Intelligence as a New Interface for Business Applications Usage

The objective of the project is to develop a new high-tech product – a smart user interface and semantic application in the form of a “virtual business partner” that enables natural communication between humans and computers. It can be thought of as a “smart SIRI for business applications”.

The solution is designed to enhance the use of enterprise software (ERP) and support business users in their day-to-day operations. Business people need simple and mobile IT tools that are easy to use, user-friendly and truly valuable. Using the virtual partner, users can interact with their computer (tablet, smart phone) simply by writing or speaking their request in a natural way and in his/her own language. The virtual partner can recognize the request, control the application and perform tasks within ERP software. And provides the user with a friendly, easy understandable answer.

Our project, which combines the latest research and development in artificial intelligence, speech recognition and synthesis, cloud computing and mobile apps, is beyond state-of-the-art and will represent the first practical use of artificial intelligence in ERP software among EU companies.

The commercial potential for this product is high, since the product is targeted at SMEs, which represent 95% of all companies in the EU. It will also address companies that offer accounting services as well as third party providers of ERP solutions.
Feasibility assessment will include all relevant aspects – practical, technical and technological feasibility, market and economic viability, IPR assessment and a business plan.

European added value is represented by the fact that 41% of European enterprises are still non-digital, with only 2% taking full advantage of digital opportunities. The EU is considering the ability of SMEs to adopt digitalisation as a key determinant of growth in future years. Therefore, our project has the potential to considerably contribute to the digitalization of small businesses in Europe.