Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Promote Your Business

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Vir: LinkedIn
Avtor: Marie Lemmon Marketing Manager at QNK International Traders
atum: 10 2014
Povzetek: Though Google’s AdWords can be a useful platform for some businesses, it may be out of the price range of others. Or they may feel that advertising using AdWords is subject to the saturation of the general field of Google internet searches. These companies and businesses may elect to use other sites to advertise their business. It’s important that these other sites and platforms get a lot of exposure and are well known.

One such site is LinkedIn. This website is similar to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but focuses specifically on business networking. Through LinkedIn, professionals in all kinds of different fields can find other professionals and colleagues to work with. This can prove very handy when in need of experienced personnel for various projects.

While simple use of this well known site can be considered advertising in a basic sense, there are ways to use the site that take fuller advantage of its advertising and marketing capabilities. Let’s take a look at how to use LinkedIn to promote a business:

Profile Page 

The simplest way to increase the advertising potential of your LinkedIn page is to improve your profile page. You can adjust its simple appearance to start with. A great way to do this is by adding eye catching photos and your company logo to the page. You can do this by clicking the “add photo” link.

Next, you can click “edit” on the “websites” link and add up to three other sites that relate to your business. These may be your company website, blogs, or landing pages.


Another good step to take to get more LinkedIn exposure is to join groups that relate to your business. These are groups of LinkedIn users that are all involved in the same or related professions. People will see you listed along with other similar business people, and this can lead to much higher traffic to your page. You do this by clicking the “groups” tab and then clicking “join groups” for the related groups that are shown.


There is a built in feature on LinkedIn that allows you to ask for recommendations from users of your products or services. These can then be displayed on your profile page as testimonials. Do this by clicking the “ask for recommendations” link in the “recommendations” section.

Answer Questions

Clicking the “more” tab on your page will give you a choice to select a function called “answers” on a list. This option enables you to search for questions that people have asked and answer them. This is a great credibility builder and is another effective type of LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn DirectAds 

This is an actual paid advertising function on LinkedIn that allows you to place ads for your business on relevant LinkedIn pages. It is accessed by clicking the “Advertise on LinkedIn” option under the home menu. Depending on the level of exposure you want, costs may range from $10 to as high as $1000 daily.

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