We are thrilled to announce that Elmibit, in collaboration with PRONET, has launched WiTWINtake (Wine Production Digital Twin with Camera-Based Grape Intake Control) as part of the HIGHFIVE initiative. This project aims to enhance the quality and efficiency of wine production through advanced technology and improved traceability.

WiTWINtake will establish a system that significantly improves the grape intake process and quality grading. By using video cameras at grape intake points for enhanced grape quality grading using video footage, WiTWINtake will streamline and improve several key steps in winemaking processes. Another key aspect of WiTWINtake is to further enhance traceability, linking the final product (wine) back to the vineyard. This improvement is crucial not only for food safety, but also financial, and marketing purposes, setting a new industry standard.

The project addresses several critical needs within wine production, from optimising grape intake processes and enhancing quality grading to enabling automatic data transfers between eVineyard and AccountingBox solutions using open technologies and standardised interfaces.

WiTWINtake represents a significant advancement in the wine industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency, quality, and traceability.


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